Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

We serve all over Hyderabad as of now & we will be shortly in all metro's.

What services do you offer?

We offer Wash & Iron , Dry-cleaning , Iron , Also special laundry at your request.

Is your detergent safe for sensitive skin? What about the environment?

We use mild detergent, recommended for sensitive skin. It is also a detergent that will not harm the environment.

What other products will you use in my laundry?

We use a liquid fabric softener (also safe for sensitive skin/environment), a non-chlorine bleach/color booster (similar to Oxy Clean), and a dryer sheet fabric softener

Do you separate laundry by colour?

Yes. We will separate lights from darks just as we would our own laundry. We will wash all items on a warm/cold setting to provide a clean that is gentle yet effective.

Do you iron?

Yes, if a piece is separated and marked for ironing, we will iron for a small additional fee.

Will you mix my clothing with the clothing of others?

No, your clothing will be washed alone.

Will you clean the laundry equipment in between each customer?

Yes, after each load we will clean the washer and dryer.

What happens if I am missing an item after a wash and dry service?

Call us immediately once you notice something is missing. However, washing and tagging each customer’s clothing individually as well as cleaning the equipment in between each customer’s laundry load prevents this type of issue. However, we are human and it is possible that every now and again an error will occur. We will do everything possible to locate your item and get it back to you within 24 hours. If we don’t get it to you within 24 hours of your call, your next wash is free!

How can you tell if my clothing needs special care?

Any clothing requiring special care should be placed in a separate bag inside of the larger bag with a “special care” tag. Please tell us about your special care requests either verbally by phone or in writing using either the form provided on the website or in an e-mail.