Frequently Asked Questions

How long will your professional take to reach the customer’s place after booking?

Our expert normally reaches the customers place within 20-30 minutes from the time of booking if the customer selects Fix Now or as per scheduled time slot by the customer. If there is any delay from the allotted slot, a call is given in prior to inform our customers.

Do I need to buy my own materials or does Fixu has that option as well?

We do buy materials on request at the MRP of the particular item itself. However, we do not insist that only we purchase the item. The customer can always purchase and provide the materials to our providers.

How experienced are your service providers?

All are serviced providers are well trained and experienced with a minimum experience of 5-10 years in the industry.

What if the same problem repeats itself after service?

Fixu offers a free service if the same problem repeats itself within 3 days from the date of the service.